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Read chapter 1 from the story Devil Fruit Eater -One Piece fanfic- by animelover2800 with 3,366 reads. luffy, sunny, sanji. DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AP... Apr 17, 2017 · Also, the user could become emotionally distracted with one emotion causing them the most trouble. This fruit is also one that takes a lot of energy to use, so those with exceptional stamina and a strong will to live and fight can use this fruit effectively without much trouble. Powers and Abilities:
(A One Piece My Way Story/One Piece! Various Males X Reader) Beauty of a goddess, with the strength of a warrioress. Her heart filled with love. Her mind with knowledge. Bestowed with the power of the ocean, seas and water itself, but had to pay a painful price. A girl of 'D' and of the sea,... Resolved Forgotten One Piece OC Fanfiction. Discussion in 'I'm ... Later he ends up joining the marines and helps create something to train marines using his devil fruit. One piece fanfic,This is literally my first one piece fanfic.This is only a Two-shot! MODERN AU WARNING! Suicide/Vulgar language. Ace and Sabo were loved by their little brother,And they loved him back.But without knowing it Their temper for years has given their little brother suicidal thoughts to ...

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[ OP OC ] RIPA RIPA Devil Fruit Aidi-Wolf 25 0 [OP OC DF] McNamara`s Devil Fruit Luchi26 27 5 Ki Ki no Mi KusaNin 13 0 Gyappu Gyappu no Mi AuPlauSe 19 21 CanonxOC Useless XxAyuChuxX 33 5 Commission- Maya and Marco Proxamina 35 4 One Piece OC.
Devil Fruit Power: None Strength/Abilities: Siren-like singing voice, agile swimming, observant haki, echo-locating. Sirenne is the daughter/only child of Shirahoshi, and a smelt-whiting mermaid as her own mother. She is also a youngest cousin of Proteus (son of Fukaboshi), Rhea (daughter of Ryuboshi), and Marishta (daughter of Manboshi).

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This is the one of most powerful devil fruit,that allows the user to stop the time while he can move to where he wants and return the time when ever he wants, The one who uses thus devil fruit can't breathe when he's stopping the time, when also the time stopped hecan escape from bullets,so when some one shoots at him he dissapear and no one ... Mar 15, 2014 · A quick introduction of some of my favorite One Piece OCs from da. (Will making favorite Fairy Tails OCs next). Tell me which ones of these your favorites ar...

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One piece OC/SI fic with a devil fruit (Not in the Strawhat, Whitebeard, Kid, or Heart pirates) Recs Wanted I'm in search of fics similar to Heavy Thoughts, I Am Mister Five, or In The Shadows. one piece oc sophie strangways one piece self insert one piece SI forest calico it was supposed to be. a small sketch. it got out of hand so fast but it was SO fun sophie is so fun to draw i love her Shape the poofy hair. the big eyebrows. nose. i love her forest is chaotic stupid so i feel like putting them together is a terrible idea (for anyone else involved) also forest is half mink!!! and ...
Ultimate Devil Fruit (One Piece FanFic) Fanfiction Clarity lived a fairly normal life, at least she did until she was thrown into the world of Devil Fruits and pirates. Resolved Forgotten One Piece OC Fanfiction. Discussion in 'I'm ... Later he ends up joining the marines and helps create something to train marines using his devil fruit.